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UK Regional Website Resources

Seek the UK & Seek Southwest

Find a UK website pertinent to your needs quickly and easy using one of our references.


Customers have been using Seek the UK and Seek Southwest for over ten years and many of our advertisers return year after year.

Seek the UK is a website resource for dozens of subjects on anything appertaining to the United Kingdom. With a detailed category index it's easy to find the listings relevant to what you're looking for. All entries are examined by Monkeytree Web before being added to the directory so visitors know they'll be relevant to their search. So often when using a search engine the listings returned have nothing whatsoever to do with the search term being used.

From an advertiser's point of view, people use the Seek sites because they want information on the UK and its regions. If your site's listed, yours could be the one they turn to. In addition, we only charge once for a listing with no annual renewal fees - ever! Once your site's listed, it's listed.

Seek Southwest has exactly the same format as Seek the UK but concentrates on resources to do with Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Bristol. Seek Southwest has been running successfully since 2000.

To see our two Seek sites in action, please visit:

Seek the UK
Seek Southwest

A typical Seek the UK website listing.

UK Hotel Bookings

UK hotel bookings made easy.


Monkeytree Web has developed an online hotels presence in the form of Seek the UK Hotels.

There's a whole world of hotel possibilities out there and with up to 70% off hundreds and thousands of rooms, customers will find themselves amazed by all the choice; B&Bs to cabins to castles to hotels to pub rooms to chalets. We list hundreds of hotels around the UK, listed by town and by facilities such as disabled facilities and indoor pools. A one click button provided with each listing gives an immediate view of forthcoming availability.

To see our two hotel sites in action, please visit:

UK Hotel Bookings Southwest Hotel Bookings

For hotels in the southwest visit Seek Southwest Hotels.